Welcome to the wonderful adventure.

I’m a small-town Canadian girl with a passion for travel, adventure and documenting moments in this vast and humbling world we live in. Most recently, I was living the typical city life. A rat in the daily race. But I finally decided it was time for a change, time for me to live a life I want to live. I decided that I am ready to find purpose, passion and fulfillment in a way that has been lacking for me as long as I can remember.

The meaning behind the mountains is a special one for me, because although I didn’t grow up in the Rockies, once I discovered their unrivalled beauty there was no turning back. I was hooked, and I needed more, so I’m off now to find exactly that.

And thus, welcome to the journey that I’m both nervous, excited, content and anxious for. Welcome, to my Memoirs of a Mountain Goat.