Melbourne | Things I’ve Learned So Far

Well, I’ve made it! I’ve managed to endure a 100 degree temperature swing moving from -40 and into +40 weather, and I have to say despite a mild sunburn and a few reactions to the heat I’m liking it on this end of the spectrum!

I’ve been in Melbourne (‘Mel-bin’ to sound like a local) for four days now, and I’ve actually covered a lot of ground so far. Yes, I’ve been sleeping a lot as well to burn off the jetlag, but I’ve adjusted pretty quickly and can now share my top findings on what I’ve discovered so far:

  1. Driving on the opposite side of the road is a complete mind-trip. If I don’t die by snake or spider bite while I’m here, I might ultimately get wiped out by looking the wrong way before crossing the street. These are very real fears of mine, ha.
  2. Coffee is LIFE and Cafes are King. Every time you sit down at a resto or cafe, they’ll bring a menu and ask if you’d like a cup of coffee to start, in the same way you’d be asked if you’d like flat or sparkling water. This coffee/cafe culture is definitely my favourite part about the city, and I have a feeling it will maintain no matter what State I make my way to, fingers crossed anyways.
  3. The language is English, but like, also it’s not – let me explain:
    – Stubby = bottle of beer
    – Hot Chips = French Fries
    – Avo = Afternoon (but also does mean avocado, go figure!?)
    – Eski = Camping Cooler
    – As = AF (as in, hot AF, but here they’ll just say “hot as”)
    There are so many more and basically everything has a short-form, so most of the time when people say things I pick up about 80% and just roll with that. I’ll share more as I figure it out.
  4. “Cheeky,” “Reckon,” and “Heaps” are the most used words in the Aussie dialect. This is absolutely not a scientific fact, but I’m quite sure I’m not far off, haha.

As a comparison point, Melbourne itself is not too far a departure from the flow and function of Toronto, the main difference I’d say, being the landscape. High rises aren’t permitted outside of the downtown core, so you feel a bit less closed in that way.

The city boasts an amazing restaurant scene, shopping district, cafe culture and feels overall fairly laid-back for such a metropolitan place. I’ll post a separate listing with all of my fave places and recommendations after this!

The adventure begins tomorrow when we start our drive down the Great Ocean Road, and I can’t wait to get out of city and see all that is still in store.

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