I almost missed it. I read the schedule wrong. I was looking at Monday’s classes instead of Sunday's. I was late to leave due to a complete emotional meltdown, and to cap it off, I forgot my tickets that I needed in order to get into the class. I nearly stuck with the sentiment of, … Continue reading Namaste

Confessions of a Solo Traveller | Part 2

"In nature, nothing transforms without breaking first. Flowers can't bloom until they're deeply, wholly rooted. Seasons can't turn until the cold has come and killed off the remnants of the past. Butterflies don't spread their wings before being cocooned in isolation for weeks, stars don't become supernovas before facing their own implosion..." You know, sometimes … Continue reading Confessions of a Solo Traveller | Part 2

Margaret River | More than just Amazing Wines

What I thought I knew about Margaret River was completely turned upside-down once I got here! Yes, there are vast and amazing vineyards and wineries producing fantastic, though smaller-batch-than-Barossa products, but the region itself is vast, and also showcases unbelievably beautiful beaches, world-class surf points and a culinary scene that is not to be overlooked. … Continue reading Margaret River | More than just Amazing Wines